Brazil-China 2.0?

Brazil was the star of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s four-country tour of Latin America in late May. Over the course of his stay, China’s head of government announced tens of ...


Chinese Reactions to US-Cuba Thaw

Whether or not it came as surprise to Chinese officials, news of warming relations between the U.S. and Cuba has likely sparked debate within China about future relations with the ...


Achieving Global Food Security: What Role for LAC?

On Tuesday, April 7, the Inter-American Dialogue and Grupo de Paises Productores del Sur hosted an in-depth discussion on global food security in Washington, DC. The Dialogue and GPS assembled ...

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Chinese Lending to LAC in 2014: Key Findings

The Inter-American Dialogue (IAD) and Boston University’s Global Economic Governance Initiative (GEGI) began working together in 2011 to address a lack of publicly available information on Chinese finance in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). In 2012, IAD published a report by GEGI researchers entitled “The New Banks in Town: Chinese Finance in Latin America,” […]

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Lessons in Public Relations for China and LAC

by Margaret Myers China has been a critical economic partner for Latin America over the past two decades and will continue to be a top trade partner and an important source of investment for many countries in the region. During the January 2015 China-CELAC forum, Xi Jinping promised $250 billion in direct investment stock within […]

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Latin America’s Role in China’s Energy Security: Framing the Debate

In a new Inter-American Dialogue publication, Iacob Koch-Weser examines Latin America’s role in China’s energy security. He finds that Latin America is often portrayed as a vital commodity exporter to China, but this refers more to agriculture and mining than energy. Brazil and Argentina are among the world’s top-three soybean producers, while Brazil, Peru, and Chile are among the leading […]

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What Is Behind the Nicaragua Canal Controversy?

The U.S. Embassy in Managua on Jan. 6 expressed concerns about a lack of transparency surrounding the proposed $50 billion project to build a canal across Nicaragua. In 2013, the Central American country granted HKND Group a 50-year concession without opening bids to other companies. The Hong Kong-based company has not released the names of […]

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China’s Energy Experts

In a new Dialogue publication on Chinese energy engagement with Latin America, Koch-Weser reviews the writings of energy experts at China’s top research institutions. Koch-Weser finds that articles by Chinese scholars in English-language energy journals offer a wealth of technical analysis on China’s role in global oil markets, including: Modeling China’s strategic petroleum reserve scenarios (Bai […]

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What now for China-LAC?

by Margaret Myers China is an increasingly important economic partner for Latin America. Although the Chinese economy has slowed somewhat in recent years, trade and investment in LAC are on the rise. Chinese President Xi Jinping announced at this week’s China-CELAC Form that he expects to scale up China-LAC trade to $500 billion by the […]

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On China-CELAC…

Some brief thoughts on the China-CELAC Forum and its significance.

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China, CELAC, and the State of China-Latin America Relations

The first ministerial meeting of the China-CELAC forum opens today in Beijing with members expected to discuss cooperation between Latin America and the Caribbean and China as well as the creation of institutions between the 33-member bloc and China. The presidents of Venezuela, Ecuador and Costa Rica are among the leaders attending. What is the […]

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Ecuador and Venezuela seek Chinese support amid oil price decline

As oil prices drop, Venezuela and Ecuador are turning to China for more in the way of financial support. Venezuela’s finance minister, Rodolfo Marco Torres, traveled east on December 2nd for meetings with China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), China Eximbank, China Development Bank (CDB), Bank of China, PBoC, and China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC). […]

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