Excerpt from a China Policy Review article by the Dialogue’s Peter Hakim and Margaret Myers:

“Today China’s trade with Brazil, Chile, and Peru tops that of any other country. Some estimates suggest that in 15 years, China will become Latin America’s largest trade partner. Economic ties have not only grown larger and more intense. They are also more varied, and more complex. For Latin America, China is both an immense, fast growing market, particularly for the region’s oil, mineral resources, and agricultural produce and, increasingly, a critical source of loans and investment capital. For China, Latin America is a major supplier of the raw materials for the county’s still rapidly expanding industrial sector and a dependable source of food and energy.” Read the full article.

Photo Credit: Cena de Estado que en honor del Excmo. Sr. Xi Jinping, Presidente de la República Popular China, y de su esposa, Sra. Peng Liyuan /Angélica Rivera de Peña/CC BY-SA 2.0.