Inter-American Dialogue

Tianjin Foreign Studies University established a center for Latin American Studies
2012年07月20日 来源:《中国社会科学报》第333期

On July 17, Tianjin Foreign Studies University in China announced the establishment of a new Center for Latin American Studies. The center is one of 37 different educational institutions specializing in regional and country studies, according to the Ministry of Education. The center will conduct research on Latin American politics, economics, culture, and history, using academic resources from the Tianjin Foreign Studies University departments of Spanish and Portuguese and existing connections with Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Nankai University.

Hanban director: the Confucius Institutes in Latin America have a long way to go
2012年07月20日 来源:网易

A joint meeting of the Ibero-American Confucius Institutes was held in Sao Paulo on July 18 and 19. During the meeting, Xu Lin, the director of Hanban, the Chinese organization responsible for Chinese language and culture instruction abroad, articulated future goals of Confucius Institutes in the region. She noted growing interest in the study of Chinese language and culture throughout Latin America, adding that most Confucius Institutes are facing teacher and textbook shortages. It is difficult to find Chinese teachers who are able to also speak Spanish, she explained. Hanban is therefore planning to offer scholarships for Latin America students to study Chinese in China. Xu Lin also mentioned that the Confucius Institutes in Latin America integrate more fully into local communities and universities in order to better serve Latin American populations and promote understanding of China.

Chinese students visited Peruvian school on holiday
2012年07月23日 来源:新华网

In 2009, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Zhongguancun No.1 Primary School of Beijing, the Colegio Juan XXIII of Lima, Peru sent 12 teachers and students to China as part of an exchange program. Three years later, the Chinese guests were invited back to Lima. Ties between these two schools were established during the 2008 Beijing Olympics “Heart-To-Heart” Partnership Program. Eight students from Zhongguancun No.1 Primary School arrived in Lima on July 13 and spent one week with local Peruvian students. In addition to math, English, and fine arts, the school offered Chinese students special classes in Spanish, Peruvian folk dance, drumming, painting and cooking. The children also visited Macchu Picchu.

Argentine press: China is crucial for the economic development of Latin American countries
2012年07月25日 来源:人民网

The Argentine newspaper El Cronista quoted a recent report by the China National Bureau of Statistics and commented on Chinese second quarter economic performance. Although China’s second quarter economic growth slowed to 7.6%, the lowest level since the first quarter of 2009, the report says the domestic inflation has eased over the same period and noted that the Chinese government will adjust economic policies in the second half of the year to promote stable economic growth. The report focused on China’s positive role in stimulating and maintaining Latin American countries’ economic development, but expressed some concern about the possibility of an economic downturn.

Chongqing established friendly relations with Mexican state of Nuevo Leon and Bahia of Brazil
2012年07月26日 来源:华龙网

On July 26 the Standing Committee of Chongqing People’s Congress voted to approve the city of Chongqing’s establishment of friendly relations with Mexico’s state of Nuevo Leon and the state of Bahia in Brazil. Deputy Mayor Ma Qizheng was invited to lead a delegation to visit the state of Nuevo Leon with the purpose of promoting a $100 million investment by Nemak Company (Alfa Group). In Bahia. Chongqing Food Group has invested in the development of high-quality soybean cultivation, storage, trade, processing, transport and logistics since 2009.